What is the difference between a Graduate and a Certificate Completer?

Madison College celebrates the achievements of all students, especially for the completion of a program of study. The practice of the college is to invite individuals eligible to apply for graduation whom are in the process of completing state approved degrees, diplomas and certificates.The following are definitions to clarify how the college defines a graduate, as well as a student who completes a certificate:

Graduate: A student who has applied for, enrolled in, and successfully completed the curriculum requirements and standards for a state approved program. This would include Associate degrees, one-year diplomas, and less than one-year diplomas such as Certified Nursing Assistant. Advanced Technical Certificates require state board approval and therefore would be considered a state approved program.

Certificate Completer: A student who has successfully applied for, enrolled in, and completed the curriculum requirements and standards for a Madison College sanctioned/approved completion certificate.

For a complete list of degrees and certificates, visit the Careers, Programs & Classes web page.

It is the practice of the college that only graduates are formally invited to attend Graduation ceremonies held each December and May; however, if a student earning a state sanctioned/approved or post-baccalaureate certificate requests to participate in the ceremonies, they are equally welcome.

For more information on Graduation and requirements, visit the Graduation Resources web page.

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